1 Hour: £140

In which you are seduced and fascinated by my personality and discover that there's much more to be unearthed about my awful sense of humor.

2 Hours: £250

This is the part where we talk about my love of kitchen appliances and I try to convince you to contribute to my prank wars.

  • Additional hours: £100

Public or Socially Distanced Outing: £80

I've been told my presence is invigorating and a breath of fresh air. You may be the judge of that! Wander over to my Interests to check out what excites me.

Overnight: £1000

Perfect for exploring my soft curves and waking up to my most affectionate side.

  • 12 Hours

Booking Me

The booking tool below allows for remote and discrete appointments to be arranged. (The resulting booking will result in your booking being shown as a timed appointment with a cleaning service for discretion.) If you would rather contact me directly, my email is datejennifer@protonmail.com.

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