Things Pertinent to Me...

... and things I'm telling you because I can.



COB - Cum on Body, Dinner Dates, French Kissing, DFK - Deep French Kissing, FFM Threesomes, Fingering/Finger Play, Hand Relief, Lapdancing, Light Spanking, Naturism/Nudism, OW - Oral on you with Protection, OWO - Oral on me with or without Protection, Proctected Penetration, Rimming (receiving), Striptease, Voyeurism.

All kink requests require a minimum of an hour booking prior to kink activity. Any unlisted services may be checked below. My services are determined by chemistry and comfortability.

Things I Enjoy in Private

Being kissed, having my back lightly caressed, being spanked, being told what you enjoy. I like having my hands held, I like eye contact, I like being in someones arms.
I know what I like and have no issue with giving instructions with my pleasure in mind. I can instruct you on proper: spanking, choking, oral on me (including rimming), etc, if requested.


Things I Do Not Enjoy in Private

Hard biting, lack of hygiene, armpit licking, 69, impatience, all things receiving anal, having my head manipulated, rough nipple play, a lack of responsiveness*.

*A lack of responsiveness could be due to something as simple as nerves, but limits your ability to signal active and enthusiastic consent. If I feel that I do not have consent for any reason, I will stop and check in with you.

In public: Disrespecting service workers especially but extended to being unkind, pressing questions about my personal life.

My Loves in Life

Asian (Indian, Chinese, Japanese), Mexican, and Mediterannean food.
Cookies, chocolate, brownies, and fruit. (The only cakes I will eat are 7 Up Pound cake, strawberry jello cake, and carrot cake.)
Books! I read a lot of fantasy and classics (pre modernism and I'm likely interested).
Spicy scents (think bergamot, black pepper, myrrh) and citrus candles, essential oils or perfumes.
Toys of the fun variety (tech toys or personal use toys).

Long walks and spending time outside, I love exploring this world around us.



$: reviews, affection, kindness, laughing at my jokes

$$: chocolate, fantasy/classic book (think pre-modernism and I'm interested), essential oils, citrus scented candles/perfume, gift cards

$$$: vibrators and other toys, thin gold jewlery, KitchenAid, camera equipments (ask for specs)

Allegies & Intolerances

Asthmatic (semi severe): It can be set off by being extremelty cold, smoking, inability to breathe for a length of time. If I have to end a booking because of this, you will get profuse apologies and a benefit at your next booking.

Lactose Intolerance: I am ignoring my lactose intolerance most days but will occasionally decline a lactose ladden food if offered, because of this. I do not mean to be rude!

Migraine: If shown something with bright flashing lights, or lacking proper nutrition, I will get a migraine. If you would like to show me something/take me somewhere, please take this into account.



Cooking/baking/mixology, hillwalking, reading, any library/bookstore, museums, psychology, tea rooms, color/texture theories, sewing, yoga, dancing, meditation, card games, Buddhism, barre workouts & pilates, dancing. Antagonizing the general population.

My alcohol tolerance is low. If you would like to take me to get a drink or bring me one, I will only be able to have one serving.

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