Here's where I attempt to preemptively answer your questions, comments, and concerns. (Like opinions on the oxford comma - it's a yes in my book).

Incall Information

  • I do not have a permanent incall so I generally host in hotels or private flats. If you would like to book me on a day that I am not listed for incalls, I will require a deposit to arrange the booking.

  • For my safety, I will provide a general location that is within ten minutes walking of me with parking one hour before your booking. Once I have verified your arrival at that location, I will give you my exact location over a phone call. If requested, I can give the information of nearby ATMs. 

  • If you are late or think you may be late, please let me know at your earliest convenience. If you are more than 5-10 minutes late on a shorter booking, this may effect the duration of your booking. I will let you know in advance if this is the case so you can make an educated decision.

    • If you are more than 15-20 minutes late on an hour long booking, this may effect the duration of your booking. I will let you know in advance if this is the case so you can make an educated decision.

    • If the booking is 1 hour+ I should be able to accomadate you but will let you know in advance if I am not.

Screening Information

  • I only respond to requests that use my booking template or polite requests over texts and email. If you would like to schedule a phone call with me to arrange the details of your booking, please do so by sending a text or emails to arrange a time. I am not always able to answer my phone and do not want to return a phone call at a moment that is inopportune. 

  • If you would like to see me for an outcall and I have not met you before, I require a picture of a photo ID and a 20% deposit.


I am paranoid about my safety and will extend that courtesy to your own. Let me know when booking if you need any tips or suggestion in regards to privacy.

  • I will not contact you outside of booking unless otherwise instructed.

  • If need be, I will ensure you have a discreet place to park and enter my location.

    • There is not a sign on my location that says: "HELLO SHE's [REDACTED]" or anything similar. (I would get a personal poster of something similar to give me a chuckle although.)

  • If there is a preferred method of communication (phone call, text or my encrypted email), please let me know in your initial message to me and I will do my best to accomodate you.

Hygienic & Physicality

Things that do not matter to me: your age, weight, height, penis size, body modifications, scars, strech marks, physical abilities, and other aspects of your physicality. Things that do matter: being clean and kind.

  • I require a thorough shower before any activities. Thorough includes and is in no way limited to: a rigourous wash of your armpits (and the hair there); in between your butt cheeks. If applicable: pull back your foreskin to expose and wash everything in the area; scrub all untrimmed pubic hair.

  • My personal preferences for grooming include: short smooth fingernails if you would like to touch me intimately with them; brushing your teeth and tongue more than one hour before booking. Mouthwash is always provided.

    • I am asthmatic and am rather attached to breathing normally. Please refrain from smoking before seeing me.

  • If an issue regarding your manners arises, I will communicate my boundary twice. If you persist, one of us will be leaving.

My Grooming and Appearance

  • I am always freshly showered, dressed in lingerie and a flattering dress (unless otherwise requested or the powers at be are at hand.) I am a fan of a more minimal and natural makeup look due to my limited artistic skillset. I favor a simple manicure and a bright pedicure.

    • My hair is not subject to your or my requests; she does what she wants and doesn't listen to any advice. That being said, it's generally down or up if she's decided to misbehave.

  • I will accommodate simple outfit requests of items you see in my photos to the best of my ability. If it is a common or fairly simple item, you may inquire to see if I already have it! For other outfit requests, feel free to either provide the item or an adequate amount for me to obtain it.

  • I do generally wear citrus scented perfumes, however will forgo this if requested. 

Fly Me To You and other travel

I am currently against my being flown anywhere. This may change in the future, I am simply not comfortable enough yet. If you would like me to tour your city, feel free to send me a brief message with your inquiry (name if you would like me to save you number, preferred booking length) and location.

Miscellany and Curiosity

Out of respect for my time and yours, I will not contact you outside of discussing bookings.

  • If you would like to ask me something nonsexual, feel free to ask anonymously on my Curious Cat.

  • If you would like to chat and get to know me better outside of bookings, subsribe to my Private Gallery where I respond to all respectful messages.

  • If your intention is to be an observer of my chaotic inclinstions, observe my Twitter or Instagram.

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